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PUBG Free UC - How To get free UC in pubg

Free Royal Pass - Spin by free royal pass - spin & win app. Win free royal pass has entertainment purpose for pepole they can enjoy it with royal pass - spin & win. free royal pass is entertainment app where pepole enjoy and chill. Easy to earn uc and Royal pass for PBG. We presenting win Royal pass for PBG. win Royal pass and uc for PBG * Win Royal Pass * Win UC Money * Gun Skin , crates and more. You will get Win Royal Pass and UC from this app features :- - Daily 200 User Win Reward Gun Skin , UC , Crates and more. DISCLAIMER: The content presented to you in the application is available free on public domains. We don't claim rights on any content in this application. All the content displayed in this app is from the developer "Moon Active" and sourced from official social media pages. This application is NOT a means of circumventing game mechanics and fully abides by respective laws, regulations and terms of conditions, including those of Google Play.

Uc cash is the most wanted thing in pubg’s , all the players search all the day long on the best ways to claim free uc cash spins and counts, But our app (free uc cash and battle pass spin wheel) This free uc cash and battle points tools will allow all pubg’s players to reveal the real uc cash actual rates and count the current free uc cash value. All what you have to do is to roll this free uc cash spin wheel , with variety of of free UC Cash tools that aims to help all pubg players like free vbucks counter tool and free uc and battle points roulette and so on.

This app contains a free UC counter tools is only for helping pubg fans know the actual rates of their daily free UC CASH and it doesn’t give you any free uc cash generator or free UC CASH collector and it ain’t give you a uc cash free codes or show you how to get free uc cash easy. If you are looking for a free uc cash generator or free battle pass collector then this app is NOT for you, understand this and don't expect anything more from the free Unknown cash spin wheel app.

With this application you can enjoy a great challenging quiz with the best tips to get free uc cash and free diamonds and all the strategies whether you are a beginner or an advanced player.

Please stop asking questions like how get free elite royal pass in pubg mobile ? or for a free uc and battle points generator for pubg mobile ? or how to get elite royal pass in pubg free ?
Another time we like to inform you this is just a free uc and free battle points counter for pubg mobile you won’t get any 8100 uc for free, you will not get free gun or skin,you will not get any free royal elite pass or free uc cash for pubg mobile this is just a free counter

If you are a real Pubg fan you absolutely always in search for new methods to get free UC Cash or UC skins for Pubg , because UC Cash are the most wanted thing in Pubg game , everybody in 2020 looks for unlimited free UC Cash and skins for Pubg 2020 and everybody looks for a free collector that works to get free UC for pubg , and we all look for how to get free UC for Pubg game , because if you have free UC you can get free skins and free UC for Pubg game , we want you to know there is no real generator for UC Cash of Pubg and there is no diamonds collector for Pubg game , please understand this is just a helper app that can help you to count your daily free UC Cash (UC) and battle points for Pubg game and this is not a real free UC Cash generator that works

Here some of our features:
- You will find A very challenging quiz into the game to challenge your knowledge about how much you know about Pubg.
- You will also find a very useful daily UC Cash calculator so you can count your daily earning and check it's value everyday.
- You can convert your UC to USD
- You can Convert also USD to UC
- Also you find into the app a turbo builders daily counter
- You find Outrageous builders daily counter
- Some other more features

✔️ Real Fast Ways To Free Rewards
Complete our survey offers & task offers to earn coins which you can change to game currency or cash. Additionally, get free gamer gifts or cash rewards by playing the lucky draw game or lucky jackpot game.

Refer & Earn
You can also earn Points by inputting codes or inviting friends to try out Gamer Cash – the best app to find gifts for gamers.

▶Gamer Cash App provides Free Royal Pass And UC for your favorite mobile game.

Which game currency does our cash & gaming rewards app provide?
🥇 PUBG UC (get pubg uc free by spinning our Lucky Draw Game or Questions & Answers)
🥈 PUBG UC & Royal Pass
🥉Other game currency will support soon.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Surface VPN ( Latest Version) Free Download - Urdu inbox

Halley VPN is a fast and free vpn proxy app for unblocking.

Halley VPN is an unlimited, fast and free Internet privacy and security VPN app for all Android users. Halley VPN masks your IP address, encrypt your internet traffic, turns public Wi-Fi into a private network and helps unblock sites and apps on your Android phone so that you can access any restricted content safely and anonymously. Halley VPN is an easy to use, one click to connect VPN server.

Unblock websites Effortlessly with Your Smartphone

Unblock Websites is an award-winning VPN app that provides access to an open Internet via a mobile device capable of working with VPN encryption protocols. We have developed an innovative browser that acts as a website unblocker. 

Every time you face difficulties when accessing an online casino, a news portal or multimedia resource, you can easily overcome any obstacles thanks to our Unblock Websites VPN app. Let's have a closer look at all its advantages and functions that most users will certainly find helpful.

If you are familiar with the term "proxy server" and how it works, you will hardly doubt the necessity of a VPN site unblocker, especially considering the current situation on the web. Administrators and other authorities follow their privacy policy and censorship restricting access to their resources. For example, if you are a US resident, you will hardly be able to play in an Australian online casino without a good VPN at hand.

We believe that this is wrong. Our development team has created an efficient application to access any website you need. The application is your private unblocker. It will prove to be extremely useful every time you need to:

- unblock videos;
- unblock websites;
- unblock newsfeeds;
- gain access to overseas forums;
- watch original movies and more.

Unblock US app is your personal VPN guide on the global web. The Unblock application is 100% free and available to all Android users no matter where they are located.

How the App Works
Our VPN block breaker operates similarly to any other proxy servers used to unblock web resources. It facilitates access to the content all across the World Wide Web. If you want to surf the net effortlessly and with no limitations or restrictions, you need a proxy server or a mobile block breaker – a VPN. Unblock Proxy app uses hundreds of fake IP addresses linked to different locations across the globe. It will hide your online presence and ensure safe and anonymous browsing.

How to unblock websites using our VPN application? Every time you need to unblock websites that feature restricted access, you only have to download and run our Unblock Websites VPN app on Google Play for free. We guarantee safe and secure browsing in addition to anonymity and confidentiality. No one will ever know you are using our software. At the same time, you will never leave any trails after visiting a particular website. Other advantages include:

-free download;
-user-friendly interface;
-intuitive design;
-admin panel;
-regular modifications and updates;
-time-saving app for the most dedicated and active online users.

The global web is full of essential information and data. We decided to provide full access to an open digital world. All you need is to have your Android device and our VPN application installed.

➤ Minimalist Design
➤ Zero-configuration
➤ One-touch to Connect

Fast & Stable

➤ Our high-speed VPN proxy servers are located in Australia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Netherlands, USA, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, UK, etc...
Get App
➤ The high-speed proxy server has covered more than 10 different regions of the world, the number of more than 100 proxy servers.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Pubg mobile free UC redeem code

Hello guys welcome back to another article in this article I am going to give you a pubg mobile free redeem Code by which you can get free pubg mobile UC

So idiot proper to get proper code to get proper UC

You can redeem your code on pubg official website search on Google pubg then open first website then give your tractor ID and redeem code that you got from our website and second verification code recreational code will be showing decide that box just take that and paste no get your item

Are you noob or pro? Let's enjoy funny videos, epic pubg moment & best gameplay

Are you noob or pro? Let's enjoy funny videos, epic pubg moment & best gameplay!

The Lucky Noob - A very creative and entertaining animated video based app for enjoying funny video, epic pubg moment & best gameplay.

Funny Gaming Videos Every day,
This app collects millions of data from web & youtube and sends most popular gaming video to you every day.

A Lucky Noob who did not know what to do and how to do, but thing getting change and all enemies getting off one by one, and in the end the wins the chicken dinner.

If you are a pubg fan whatever noob or pro pubg player you are going to enjoy this app!

Pubg Video Contents:
Epic pubg moments, best pubg kills, top gameplay, funny gaming videos

**Please not that, this app uses YouTube API service to play youtube videos inside the app. We do not own any videos out of these and we do not provide any download feature!

You have to wait 40 seconds.

Please wait and see Redeem Code

Friday, June 5, 2020

My ZONG App - Latest Version My ZONG

All Your Needs, Just one Tap Away!

My Zong App offers a number of services ranging from creating your very own profile, to browsing a number of bundles and packages categorized as ‘Call,’ ‘SMS,’ and ‘Hybrid’ to help you find what you’re searching for! You can now activate and deactivate your bundles, recharge online if you’ve run out of credit,

and get a loan in your time of need with just a click of a button! You’ll come back to the App time and again to check your usage details that are further divided into ‘internet,’ ‘social media,’ ‘on-net mins,’ ‘off-net mins’ and more, keep track of your resources and usage history as well as be aware of which bundles are trending all over Pakistan!

My Zong App not only caters to your needs, but offers a great deal in the Entertainment section, and you’ll always be notified when something new and exciting is happening!

Here’s a list of all the services and features available on the App –

Create and manage your own Profile
Choose language: English, Urdu and Chinese
Check your current balance and its expiry date
Keep track of bundles you have activated and their usage details
Recharge and Get a Loan
Activate from a range of bundles for Prepaid and Postpaid customers
Activate from a range of bundles for MBB devices and Internet SIMs
Check Usage history
Get updates on new bundles that can be accessed through the Notification Tab
Shop online for 4G mobiles & MBB devices
Access Entertainment including Online TV, Theatre & and Games
Fill out a range of Feedback surveys catered to your needs
Customer support channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Live Chat 24/7
Video tutorials, FAQs and Zong Helpline

In Zong Packages 2020 You can View Full Detail of All New and Updated Packages.

Are you worry to remember All code of Packages? So don’t worry! Zong Packages 2020 provide you brand new Zong Packages of 2020 with easy Activate, Deactivate and Check Status Button.

Zong Merchandising program by Nexus Promotions Services Private Limited.

The purpose of Zong Merchandising application is to promote zong offers and packages throughout the country by pasting the POSM on shops like (mobile shops, PCO's, easy load shops, one load shops, non-conventional shops, general stores, kariyana shops).
This application is for merchandisers only...

Zong merchandising application contains:
Survey form 
Pictures with time and date
Name of shop
Name of shopkeeper
Contact number of shop owner
Shop type according to SOP

This app is designed and developed by advertzon(The complete software solutions) with the correspondence of NEXUS Promotions Services Pvt Ltd.

Zong name is copyright to Zong. This app is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Zong, Inc. We are not responsible for any kind of re-usage of any media downloaded by the user.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

PUBG Free UC - How To Get Free UC In PUBG

Redeem free game credits for PUBG | FREE FIRE | Mobile Legend | CASH & more

What is the app about?
▶ mGamer App is provided free game currency of your favorite mobile games.

Which game currency does the app provide?

▶ Castle Clash Gems
▶ Call Of Duty CP

Get daily uc and cash counter for free.

This season enjoy free royale pass Invite your friend & family member and enjoy, Spin and win royale pass Game.

You Can Enjoy Free royal pass spin game this is one type of entertainment purposes free royale pass &uc App.

In this Win Royal Pass &Uc 2020 - Royal Pass Spin-Win App has one more new feature that is wallpaper & Images, you can download royal pass and uc images in this app.


The information contained within the application is for entertainment purposes only. No liability is assumed for errors or omissions in the contents thereof.

Disclaimer: This is an entertainment app; this app only allows users to enjoy this game for free.
▶ Other game currency will support soon.
Is this a legal or official game currency? will my game id/account ban

▶ Yes, this app provides an official game currency. We simply purchase and transfer the currency from the official website of the game provider. 

Don't worry at all, none of your game account/id will ban. It's legal and official currency transfer
Is this game currency supported in my country?

▶ Yes, this game currency work internationally.

How to get and redeem the game currency?
▶ Collect coins by playing game tournaments, watching videos, filling survey and completing tasks
▶Redeem game currency by spending coins
This app does not provide any cheating method to hack game tricks.

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Monday, June 1, 2020

Quick VPN - How To Get Low VPN In PUBG Mobile

How To Get Low Ping in PUBG 

Best Free Vpn app for you High Speed Secure Vpn Proxy, The Unlimited Free Vpn
Free VPN!

High speed Secure VPN! The best and the fastest unlimited free VPN for android.
User friendly, one click connect.
Unlimited bandwidth and totaly free :)

Try Solo VPN - One Tap Free Proxy with powerful features:

☆ Increase the availability to easily UNBLOCK blocked sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

☆ Encrypt the data, Protect your privacy, Bypass firewall, Hide your public ip, nobody know where are you from.

☆ Get protected from hackers and sno
Opers on public WiFi connections.

PUBG Mobile Low Ping Trick 

Super private & unlimited fast VPN for Android. Hide IP, unblock sites from 360°
UFO VPN is a 100% free, fast and unlimited VPN for Android! Your first choice to use secure Wi-Fi hotspots, protect your privacy and unblock all websites. 

One tap to connect to the best VPN proxy servers. It is the most easy-to-use mobile VPN service with high VPN speed!

  1. ✔️ VPN servers across worldwide
  2. ✔️ Connecting to a secure Wi-Fi hotspot
  3. ✔️ Switching countries with just one tap
  4. ✔️ Hide your IP and keep anonymous
  5. ✔️ Unblock all websites and apps
  6. ✔️ Watch streaming contents
  7. ✔️ No logs, no monitoring
  8. ✔️ Support for 5 devices
  9. ✔️ Multiple protocols

Why use a mobile VPN proxy? Here are 3 of the most important reasons what does a VPN network do:

 Access the Internet
While using a virtual private network (VPN), the personal VPN app helps you access any sites so that you can circumvent censorship and bypass internet firewalls to a free and open world. 

 Privacy Anonymity Security
VPN tunnel encrypts your data to protect your network connection. No one can access your internet traffic, you don’t need to worry about being tracked. While connecting to a VPN server, it also hides your real IP address and location, protects your privacy and makes sure you are anonymous. 

Get the VPN for Gaming
A higher ping time or a slower connection is a disaster. Under these circumstances, you need a free strong VPN for Android to reduce ping. 
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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ludo star new latest version free download / Urdu inbox

Most Authentic Online Ludo Classic, Quick, Arrow and MORE ..Best Ludo Game Ever!

Ludo Star is a new Ludo game which is free to play and can be played between friends and family. It is the best game to share the great interests and childhood memories with your friends. Show us if you can master this game.

A perfect Ludo Board Game that was loved by Mughals, Mahabharat 's King and many old king of India and world.

🌟2.0 Master Features of Ludo Star.🌟
★ Online/Private Multiplayer Mode
Ludo Star is a dice board game played between 2 to 4 players. You can play the game with your friends, family or against the computer.

★ Play the new Arrow Mode
Love playing the original Ludo with Arrow on the board? We have introduced a new mode called Arrow Mode.

★ Create Clubs and Share Dices
Now you can create Clubs in the game and interact with your club members. Share Dices and ask for Free Gold. King in ancient times played Ludo for making friends with other kings. You can become friends with other players similarly via Clubs.

★ Challenging and Exciting
The gameplay is simple at first and as you level up, it will become difficult.

The rules are easy; every player gets 4 tokens, which are required to make a full turn of the board and make it to the finish line. And the one who first gets all 4 tokens will be deemed as the winner. We are challenging the Kings of Ludo for this amazing game!

Other Important Master Features:
- Play with Friends without any Bet
- Real chat with friends and buddies
- Play Tournament (Exclusively runs for 3 hr in the day)

Ludo STAR is an interesting game in which you can play with your friends. The game includes four players red, blue, green, yellow. Are your friends king of Ludo? Bing them all! Indian emperors used to play this game once! Ludo that is loved by people of all ages.

Ready to roll the dice! Make your moves and become Ludo Star with this new version (2.0).
Download ludo star

Friday, May 29, 2020

GTA 5 in Mobile 202 - How To Install GTA V in Android

Grand Theft Auto V — more and more people within the world want to play games. this is often not surprising, because this method of leisure is interesting, safe and as cheap as possible.

one among the foremost popular video games of this decade is grand larceny Auto V, which Rockstar Games Studio released in September 2013. Until today, it had been only available on gaming consoles and computers, now, now, it are often installed with none difficulties on Android. The developers were ready to port the legendary GTA V APK to mobile devices running “green robot”.

Game Studio Rockstar Games has already released for smartphones and tablets such video games as GTA Vice City, GTA III and GTA San Andreas. However, all of those don't bring her a correct profit, so she stopped developing their creations for mobile devices.

it had been decided to try to to it for independent developers who created and released the GTA V port on Android, and now everyone can download it. Since this very port was developed with none agreements and permissions, its creators don't have the power to publish it to Google Play.

In addition, thus far we are talking about the beta version of the sport grand larceny Auto V on Android, and thus in its work there are some problems that arise from time to time. during this regard, this SOFTWARE is just not missed within the Google Play store, so you would like to download it as an APK file. the standard of graphics is at a really high level, so even on the highest smartphones it can hamper .

Fortunately, you'll choose the worst graphics settings within the settings, which can increase the frame rate to the optimal value. The more RAM your phone has, the higher GTA 5 will work thereon .

Note! This game isn't a politician development of Rockstar Games. the sport is poorly optimized, so it'll be difficult to run it on most smartphones.

  • Name : GTA 5 
  • Size    : 105 MB 
  • Ver     : Unofficial 
You just need to download a single file that is given below click on download button and download file after downloading file Open this file in civil software that are also available on our website

Extract your file and install APK after put OBB file in Android OBB EV folder

Z achiever new latest version free download - Urdu inbox

Create RAR and ZIP, unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ archives.
RARLAB's RAR is an all-in-one, original, free, simple, easy and quick compression program, archiver, assistant, extractor, manager and even a basic file explorer.
RAR can create RAR and ZIP and unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO,

 ARJ archives. List of functions include repair command for damaged ZIP and RAR files, benchmark function compatible with RARLAB's WinRAR benchmark, recovery record, usual and recovery volumes, encryption, solid archives, utilizing multiple CPU cores to compress data.

Additionally to standard ZIP files, unzip function supports ZIP and ZIPX with BZIP2, LZMA, PPMd and XZ compression also as password protected ZIP. Unrar command is available for all versions of RAR archives including the latest RAR5, password protected and multipart files.

RAR displays advertising to cover development costs. You can pay in options menu to turn off ads. RAR requests access to network, viewing network connections and billing to display or disable ads. "Install unknown apps" permission is requested, so .apk files can be started

from RAR in Android 8+.
If you wish to help us translating RAR to your language, please download RAR for Android language files in "RAR extras" section of and follow instructions in readme.txt. Thank you.

The best 7zip app!

ZArchiver - is a program for archive management. It has a simple and functional interface. App don't have permission to internet, so don't have ability to transmit any information to anower services or persons.

ZArchiver lets you:

- Create the following archive types: 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, lz4, tar, zst (zstd);

- Decompres the following archive types: 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), wim, ecm, lzip, zst (zstd), egg, alz;

- View archive contents: 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), wim, ecm, lzip, zst (zstd), egg, alz;

  1. - Create and decompress password-protected archives;
  2. - Edit archives: add/remove files to/from the archive (zip, 7zip, tar, apk, mtz);
  3. - Create and decompress multi-part archives: 7z, rar(decompress only);
  4. - Partial archive decompression;
  5. - Open compressed files;
  6. - Open an archive file from mail applications;
  7. - Extract splited archives: 7z, zip and rar (7z.001, zip.001, part1.rar, z01);
File Explorer is a file manager for android with easy file management operations. Faster searching as well as "Jump Scroll" makes finding and accessing your files easier. You can now bookmark your favorite folders for one click access. Multiple selection mode makes batch operations easier. What's more? The app also supports Zip compression and decompression.

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Gta Vice city Free ApK + OBB File - Urdu inbox

Welcome back to Vice City. Welcome back to the 1980s.

From the decade of big hair, excess and pastel suits comes a story of one man's rise to the top of the criminal pile. Vice City, a huge urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, was one of the most varied,

 complete and alive digital cities ever created. Combining open-world gameplay with a character driven narrative, you arrive in a town brimming with delights and degradation and given the opportunity to take it over as you choose.

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Rockstar Games brings Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to mobile devices with high-resolution graphics, updated controls and a host of new features including:

  1. • Beautifully updated graphics, character models and lighting effects
  2. • New, precisely tailored firing and targeting options
  3. • Custom controls with a fully customizable layout
  4. • Massive campaign with countless hours of gameplay
  5. • Compatible with the MoGa Wireless Game Controller and select USB gamepads
  6. • Integrated with Immersion tactile effects 
  7. • Tailor your visual experience with adjustable graphic settings
  8. Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Japanese.

  9. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is now available on:

Android Phones: Motorola Atrix, Motorola Atrix HD, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Photon, HTC Rezound, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy R, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Google Nexus 4, Sony Xperia Play, Sony Xperia Sola, Sony Xperia S / P / T & TL, Sony Walkman Z Series Media Player

Android Tablets: Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, Asus Transformer Pad TF300T, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 / 7.7 / 8.9 & 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Sony Tablet S, Sony Tablet P, Sony Xperia Tablet S, Toshiba Thrive, Toshiba Regza, Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 10, Fujitsu Stylistic 10.1

**Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was developed and tested only on these devices. If your device is not listed, please check  for any updates to this list** 

For optimal performance, we recommend re-booting your device after downloading and closing other applications when playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
Please ensure you have at least 1.5 GB of free space before installing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Download Gta Vice City Apk

Vice City Apk 

Download Gta Vice city Obb 

Nobody can stop you from having the best possible roaming experience in this open world full of fun beyond limit. I'd like to see the cops even try to stop you!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Rahbar App Download ( Latest Version ) - Urdu inbox

Clueless about Corona Virus? What to do? Check if you’re infected? Ask Rehbar.

Punjab Government has taken a range of measures to fight the onslaught of Coronavirus including the deployment of innovative tools to arm its citizens in the war against Corona.

Designed by Punjab IT Board (PITB), Rehbar is Punjab's first voice chatbot created to help the 100 million citizens of Punjab in getting updated information about different government departments and services. It will initially only respond to Corona related queries but will grow and mature with time to answer all the common queries about different government departments and services.

Rehbar listens to you and can speak and respond to your queries. It can guide you in the right direction, save you precious time and resources. Rehbar does not tire or get bored. It is completely devoted to you.

Rehbar is easy to use and the users can get information by simply talking to it. Rehbar uses the latest language technologies to understand your speech and can respond in the Urdu Language. Rehbar will soon be context-aware and will give you the most relevant information.

We envisage a future where Rehbar will be helping the citizens with authentic information and suggestions during all kinds of calamities and emergencies in addition to routine services

Pakistan Citizen Portal - An integrated citizens grievance redressal system

Pakistan Citizen Portal is an integrated citizens grievance redressal system connecting all government organizations both at federal and provincial levels. The system will serve as carrier of complaints to their respective offices across all over Pakistan. Eventually, the citizen feedback will be linked to an officer’s performance and promotion. The App will serve as complementary channel between citizen and government.

Rahbar is an electronic prescription with videos for stroke patients going home.

Rahbar is an electronic prescription app consisting of 42 videos for stroke survivors and their caregivers. It was developed through evidence-based research and clinical testing at the Aga Khan University.  The app aims to enable caregivers to provide improved care to stroke patients at home in regions where there is a dearth of doctors and nurses and also to prepare them for emergencies.

The educational videos contain information that cover topics like what a stroke is; rehabilitation skills; safe swallowing and language; understanding the purpose of medications and how they function; and prevention of further stroke through adoption of lifestyle changes.

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Ertugral Gazi Urdu Download ( Ertugral Gazi Season 2) - Urdu Inbox

Ertugral Gazi

You can Explore the latest islamic movies & drama serials on this app for free. Catch full episodes of all the drama's you like at your convenience.

List of Dramas or Films:
1) Ertugrul Ghazi (in Urdu)
2) Kurulus Osman
3) Mehmetcik Kutlu Zafer
4) Lion of the Desert
5) Sultan Abdul Hamid (Season 1 & 2)
6) Jaan Fida
7) Yunus Emre (Coming Soon

Ertugral Gazi Season 2

Ertugrul Gazi is Turkish historical charachter who is a real hero. Ertugrul Gazi Game is a epic immersive  adventure game. This game includes a lot of cultural and interesting things. It make you feel like a living in that time.

Ertugrul Gazi consists of 56 parts for our game. There are sepaırate tasks for each section. Our goal is to successfully fulfill each mission is to destroy the traitors who oppose us.
Ertugral Gazi

  • Ertugral gazi season 1
  • Ertugral gazi season 2
  • Ertugral gazi season 3
  • Ertugral gazi season 4
  • Ertugral gazi season 4

Discusses Turkish history through Ertugrul Gazi, who held an important place in our game. Records, about his struggle with the Crusaders and the Mongols in our game loss to the brain are processed through Ertugrul Bey and the Ottoman Empire led to the establishment of who. We wish a good game...

Ertugrul gazi photo Editor: Ertugrul Wallpapers, Dirilis wallpapers is best photo editor app for Ertugrul fans, Dirilis fans, Turkish drama fans, Ottoman Empire and Islamic history readers. Take a selfie with ertugrul and dirilis drama cast with ertugrul photo editor.

Turn yourself into true Islamic fashion and Islamic traditional dress. Be a true Islamic hero by wearing Ertugrul dress, ertugrul uniform, warrior dress, ottoman empire uniform and dress.
Applying the wonderful serial wallpapers of Ertuğrul Gazi.  Make your phone beautiful and distinctive by painting the backgrounds of Ertuğrul and Bamsi and all the characters in the application with the daily update of the backgrounds
Want to look like ertugrul?

 Have you watched the drama series dirilis? Want to know about Ottoman Empire? Looking for Islamic history? Want to know about true, brave Islamic heroes?

Then you are on right page and at right app. Ertugrul photo frames, ertugrul suit photo editor is surely for you if you are dirilis drama fan and ertugrul fan. Turkey was always an Islamic state and powerful Islamic centre for Muslims all over the world. Dirilis drama is very famous in Asia, Europe and mostly all over Islamic countries because it shows the rise of Ottoman Empire and conquering almost half of the world.

Ertugrul Gazi is most famous celebrity in Turkish drama industry. Be like Ertugrul Gazi and Dirilis. Show the world that you are fan of Islamic hero. An Islamic warrior who built the foundations of Ottoman Empire. Ertugrul Gazi is from Kai tribe of Turkey.

Take a photo in Ertugrul dress and look like Ertugrul Gazi. Take a selfie photo or choose from gallery and put Ertugrul costume on your body. Ertugrul photo editor app contains suits and costumes of almost all famous celebrities and cast of dirilis. Ertugrul photo frames,Ertugrul stickers, Ertugrul wallpapers, Ertugrul 4k wallpapers, Ertugrul HD wallpapers, Ertugrul images are free to use. Keep using and sharing this app and let the world know.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Islam 360 Latest Version || Urdu inbox

Complete Muslim Package with Quran, Qibla, Prayer Times with all Islamic values.
Islam 360 is a beautiful app contains Ayah and Dua of the day. It has Quran with urdu translation and audio translation.It has Duas, Hadith, Qibla directions and Salah timings for you in this one app.

Ayah of the day
This app provides facility for busy Muslims who wants an easier, more accessible way to build a Quran memorization habit in their daily life and achieve their memorization goals better and easier.
Start memorizing the Quran today! Just one ayah at a time. This app is focused around its widget which will allows users to go through the Quran one Ayah at a time. It includes meanings for all verses. Users can choose a chapter and start memorizing by this app.

Dua of the day
This app will help Muslims of all ages to learn, memorize, and recite different supplications for daily life and other occasions. These Translation, Audio Recitation, and Transliteration features are greatly useful in knowing the actual meaning, recitation, and pronunciation of these daily Duas.

Quran with urdu translation
Urdu Quran is a smart and beautiful android application, which is intended for Urdu speaking people offering an easy to use interface with Urdu Translation, Transliteration, and Audio (MP3) Recitation of all Surahs of the full Quran Kareem
• Urdu Translation: Helps in understanding the concepts better and revelations of Quran by interpreting the meaning of Arabic language in Urdu language
• Audio Recitation: Lets one listen to the complete narration (Qiraat al Quran) of all Chapters in MP3
• Transliteration: Makes pronunciation of Arabic text easy with its similar reading option in English

Duas of all books is brought together in this application. It covers everydays situations and basic human necessities and needs. It also include special problem and maladies faced by human and provides relief in a simplest way, at the same time keeping within the limits of religious Islamic law.

This completely free application contains all of Al-Nawawi's 42 hadiths. Its purpose is to aid in the memorization of these hadith. This is done using continuous audio repetition of hadith. You may either have the entire hadith repeat continuously or you may use the audio controls to jump between different segments of any selected hadith of your choice. The selected segment will highlight and repeat indefinitely. Full English translation is also provided for all hadiths

Qibla Direcion is a Smart feature of this application that helps Muslim android users around the world in finding the exact Qibla (قبلة‎‎) firection and also gives exact Azan and Namaz timings to make them offer prayers regularly and easily on time
• Calculate accurate distance of Qibla from your current place in both Kilometers and degrees. 

• Choose Multiple Qibla Dials present in multiple designs
• Multiple languages are included like English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch, Malay, Indonesian, Italian, Thai etc.
• Know the accurate prayers timings at anywhere in the world
• Use Salat/Salah Timing facet for the accurate Salat/Salah occasions of all five daily offering of prayers
• Automatically be notified about Salat timing through Adhan Reminders offered in many voices (Feature in Tone Settings)

Salah/salat timings
Prayer (Namaz) is one of the most important pillar of Islam and the most significant act of worship which has to be performed by every male and female Muslim five times in a day. Keeping in mind the importance of this supreme act of worship and to make Muslim Ummah aware about the timings of each and every Prayer (Namaz) we have put all our effort in this app to make you punctual for every Namaz.

Get app

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Mobile Number Finder - Get Details Of Any Number

Hello guys welcome back to another article on our website Urdu inbox friends in this post I am going to told you that how can you get complete data of any mobile number in just few seconds

  • App Name : Mobile Number Finder 
  • App size.    : 10 MB

Trace Mobile Number Online

For checking any mobile number we will use a android application this Android application will provide us complete mobile number data you can also check any cnic number data

How you can trace any mobile number in Pakistan 2020. 

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Cnic
  • Other Numbers

First call you need to download press mobile number deta application for downloading this application download button is provided below click on download button and download to this Android application after downloading install this in your mobile phone

After installing when you open this in your mobile phone then you will face to a unique interface in this application. Here you will got a search bar where you can put any mobile number are seen AC number to get data

 So put  your mobile number in this search bar and click on search button after this application will provide you complete that of that mobile number

So where is download button click on download button and download this application what we use this application only for educational purpose

So if you like this please share with your friend because sharing is caring thank you so much stay tuned on our website Urdu inbox

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Picsapp latest version download - Urdu inbox

Free photo editor with neon filters, effects & collage. Add fun stickers, frames
PicsApp Photo Editor: Collage Maker, Neon Effects is a picture editing app with unique filters and effects. Incredible sections helps you to make collage, edit images and change photo grid. Have fun with sketch line effect and apply 

magnificent neon filter, adorn your photos and pictures for %100 FREE! You will be generating the most lovely pics without photoshop!

You can select from hundreds of filters, pic grids, picture frames, backgrounds, fonts, scrapbooks etc. with PicsApp Photo Editor!
Superb features of the PicsApp Photo Editor
👑 1000+ Stickers

Our app presents you a vast library of stickers to choose from. Adorn your photos with cartoons, doodles, and cute emojis. We update our stickers library regularly for special days such as; halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.

⛺Use unique layouts and pic frames to create amazing collages! With over 

hundreds of grids, PicsApp Photo Editor: Collage Maker, Neon Effects is one of the most prominent collage maker in the store!
⏹Resize your portraits in Instagram square fit size with marvelous no crop. You can also blur the background for the perfect fit.

🖊️Neon filters & sketch effect
◇ Advanced AI analyzes your picture and draws a white outline
◇ Adjust the outline vertically/horizontally, play with thickness and change the color of the sketch
◇ You can keep the original image behind or use a different background
◇ Apply awesome neon filter, sky's the limit!

🎨Try ready-to-use glitch, dslr, light leaks effects for eye-catching compositions! If you like oldies but goldies choose from vintage, retro, sparkle filters.

👯‍♂️ Create different style mirror effects and reflect your pictures.

🐭Create professional-quality compilations by adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. Apply warmth, hue, and blender. Add glow to shine bright like a diamond. Personalize your photos with ease!

💎Stylize a scrapbook of your memories with the help of our application which will prove your photography skills to be extraordinary to your social media 

followers. Get ready to be asked, if you have used photoshop :) You’ll also look forward to sharing your #tbt pics with new designs!
🌐Share your artwork, drawing, selfie instantly on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest.

When it comes to photography, Lyrebird Studio’s stunning PicsApp Photo Editor: Collage Maker, Neon Effects is all that you need.

Don’t forget PicsApp Photo Editor: Collage Maker, Neon Effects is a completely free pics editor to create amazing artworks!
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